ACHAVA Festival

12 Aug 2016

1 - 11 SEP

For the first ten days of September, German state of Thuringia, and its capital Erfurt will play host to a rich programme of concerts, exhibitions, talks and panels, workshops and readings.

You are invited to enjoy everything from Sephardic music to interfaith discussions:

In 2015 the ACHAVA Festival Thuringia took place for the first time, seeking to take a stand for tolerance and dialogue. Recent events reveal considerable new tensions arising between religions and cultures. With this in mind, it is all the more important, perhaps even vital, to fervently voice the idea of humanity and peace, of tolerance and dialogue.

Fifty years after re-initiating Israeli-German relations, the concept of the ACHAVA Festival Thuringia provides a completely new impulse. At its heart is an interreligious and intercultural dialogue, which stems from the ideas entailed in the written scripts of the Jewish prophets of the Hebrew Bible. It forms the foundation of Jewish ethics and European values. The Hebrew word »ACHAVA« (meaning brotherhood) is a key word in this respect. Showing respect towards others is the objective.

Here's a preview at what's coming ahead at ACHAVA:


For more information, check out ACHAVA Festival's programme.

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