Dresden Jewish Week

18 Oct 2016

23 OCT - 06 NOV

The Dresden Jewish Music and Theatre Week ("Die Jüdische Musik- und Theaterwoche Dresden") is marking it's 20th ocassion.

As of the 2013 installment, the Festival has a particular focus each year, accentuating the curatorial direction. This anniversary edition of the festival chose as its focus point the heart of the current affairs - the refugee/immigrant crisis.

The German society is highly polarized by the presence of the refugees - on the one hand, there is a great willingness to help and welcome them, while on the other hand, there exists the fear of local traditions being changed in light of immigrants' cultures and religions. These fears also exist within the Jewish community, due to pronounced anti-Semitism in some Muslim countries.

Because of this [fear], we tend to forget the centuries Jews and Muslims spent living peacefully side by side in Andalusia and the Ottoman Empire.

Accordingly, the theme of this year's Festival is SCHALOM / SALAAM.

Acting as an artistic, and cultural bridge between different traditions, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a number of concerts, readings, discussions, film screenings as well as language courses (Yiddisch and Arabic). Somoe of the highlights include the famouse New York ansamble 'The Klezmatics' and the Israeli dance company 'We Love Arabs'.

For more information about the programme and tickets, make sure to check out: www.juedische-woche-dresden.de/index.php/programm-2015.html

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