Venice, the Jews and Europe. 1516–2016

22 Jun 2016

19 JUN - 13 NOV

The highlight of the 500th-year anniversary of the Venice Ghetto will provide a platform through which Venetian Jewish art and culture, different media formats and a virtual reconstruction of the Ghetto will combine to tell the story of the reciprocal influence of Venetian Jews and their surroundings.

The exhibition, curated by Donatella Calabi, leading expert on the urban history of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, aims at underscoring the wealth of relationships between the Jews and civic society throughout the history of their long residence in the lagoon, in the Veneto, and in Europe and the Mediterranean. It will recount the story of the Ghetto’s settlement, its growth, its architecture, its society, its trades, its daily life, and the relationships between the Jewish minority and the city at large, within the context of its relationships with other Jewish settlements in Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

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