Gerhard Richter: Abstraction and Appearance

09 Nov 2016

09 NOV - 05 FEB

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center Moscow, Russia

«I don’t mistrust reality, of which I know next to nothing. I mistrust the picture of reality conveyed to us by our senses, which are imperfect and circumscribed.» (G. Richter)

The Moscow Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center presents and exhibition of Gerhard Richter's explorations of the abstract and 'appearance in our perception of reality'.

The exhibition offers the viewer a chance to enjoy some of Richter's most well-known works ranging from 1973 to 2016.

It surveys important stages in the artist’s development and major works shown include Gray (1973), Aladin(1999), Haggadah (2006), Strip (2013/2016) and a selection of recent Abstract Paintings (2016). The center of the exhibition comprises a special installation devoted to Birkenau (2014), a series of four recent large-format abstract paintings which were created in response to photographs taken by a prisoner at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in August 1944.

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