« Ô vous, frères humains » Luz illustrates Albert Cohen

06 Dec 2016

06 DEC - 28 MAY

Museé d'Art et d'Historie du Judaïsme [Museum of Jewish Art and History] in Paris features an exhibition of illustrations by Luz of Albert Cohen's 1972 work "O Humans, My Brothers" ("Ô vous, frères humains").

Behind the alias Luz is Rénald Luzier - the French satirical cartoonist who is a former contributor to the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Luzier came to international attention after he drew the cover of the first issue of the publication following the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Albert Cohen was a Greek-born Romaniote Jewish Swiss novelist who wrote and published in French, and is known for his autobiographical fiction. "O Humans, My Brothers" written by Cohen at age 77, revisits an anti-semitic incident he encountered as a ten year old boy in Marseille.

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