Séfer Barcelona - Jewish Literature Festival

08 Sep 2016

22 - 23 SEP

The meeting point of Jewish literature and philosophy.

Jewish Cultural Platform MOZAIKA is organising the first ever event dedicated to the Jewish book in Barcelona: covering everything from literature to thought, from poetry to translation, from edition to history.

This first edition of Séfer (the Jewish Literature Festival) is created with the will of several organisations and institutions, working together to make possible a Jewish cultural event, diverse and open, with a drive of a continuity and personal signature. The two day program includes not only conferences and presentations of authors and books, but also a sample of artistic activities designed specifically within the context of our city.

The programme consists of a number of panels, conversations, book presentations and readings, including writers, artists and docents of the Hebrew department of the University of Barcelona. Most of the events, although held in Catalan language, will offer simultaneous translation into English.

Check out the English schedule and read more about it on MOZAIKA's website (in Catalan, Spanish and English).

JEU aims at providing a platform for a pan-European exchange on Jewish life, thought and culture that extends beyond national and linguistic barriers.

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