Singer's Warsaw Festival

02 Aug 2016

27 AUG - 04 SEP

The 13th annual Singer's Warsaw Festival features 'Jewish culture at its best', presenting a programme rich with outstanding musicians, artists and writers, in conjunction with special events that bring together numerous researchers, historians and scientists.

Our Festival brings together all people who find the world of Yiddish an important element of the Polish-Jewish heritage.

According to the press release,

[T]he Festival will be officially opened with a concert performed in the Nożyk Synagogue, during which we will have a chance to listen to the most distinguished cantors. Cast: Yaakov Lemmer, Benzion Miller, Tzudik Greenwald accompanied by the excellent piano player Menchaem Bristowski and the Warsaw Chamber Opera Orchestra. Additionally, the orchestra will also perform on Grzybowski Square one of the most important liturgical works in the history of music - Mozart's Requiem.

This will be followed by a journey through "The Jewish String Music of the 20th century" guided by the elite of Polish string artists. Katarzyna Duda, Katarzyna Brudnik-Gałązka and Marcin Zdunik. The "Yiddish Tango" project will take the audience on a trip back in time all the way to 1930s Warsaw. The singer, Olga Avigail and the composer and pianist Hadrian Tabęcki's ensemble "Tango Attack" will perform new arrangements of tangos in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew and Spanish.

The impressive programme also includes Hamsa (UK), a band performing Eastern-European and Turkish Sephardic music, and the Sormeh Trio (AU) whose improvisation brings together ethnic Balkan and Jewish music. The festival finale will be marked by a concert of the famous New York klezmer band - The Klezmatics (USA).

For the full programme, the list of Jazz and theatre performers, check out the Festival's website (Polish and English):

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