JEU MAG is looking for informed and thought-provoking pieces on current affairs, Jewish Community life and work, arts and culture, as well as personal experiences that can foster a pan-European conversation.

JEU MAG is divided into three broad sections:

  • Pulse - covering and reporting on events relevant to European Jewish life and work,
  • Reflections - a space for learning from, and analysis and consideration of Jewish life, practice and thought,
  • Reactions - socio-political commentary and musings on current affairs.

So... whether you're a political scientist, Jewish Community professional, educator or trying to figure out this Jewish identity thing - we'd love to hear from you!

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P.S. All published article contributions are paid.

(And if English is not your first language, or you've never written before, no worries - the fact that we can understand each other is what matters, and we are happy to help polish the final version of your article!)

JEU aims at providing a platform for a pan-European exchange on Jewish life, thought and culture that extends beyond national and linguistic barriers.

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