24th Festival for the Jewish Quarter Boskovice

05 Jul 2016

The 24th Boskovice Festival will host a number of musical performers from a wide range of genres – rock, jazz, classical and folk music – as well as theatre performances, exhibitions and movie screenings.

Performances are taking place in an open air amphitheatre, in the ruins of a local castle, in synagogue and other places.

Among the invited artists are Tata Bojs, Michal Prokop Trio, Lenka Dusilová and Baromantika, Continuo Theatre, Cermaque, The Ills (SK), Vložte kočku, Ponk, Rosa Parks (HU), Feste Theatre, My Dead Cat, The Nesbitts, Schwarzprior, Skrytý půvab byrokracie and many others.

The day-by-day detailed programme is available online, and for more information (as well as mobile app) check out their homepage.

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