Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin

Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin

28 Oct 2016

Eran Shakine, Israeli-born, Tel Aviv-London-New York-based artist, opens an exhibition at the Jewish Museum Berlin with some 40 large-scale drawings.

Entitled A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew, the exhibition 'humorously considers the similarities and differences between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.'

The exhibition title sounds like the beginning of a joke, but here, there are no stereotypes. An outwardly indistinguishable trio in the series is a symbol for the three major world religions. In search of common origins, the love of God or dialog with Moses, they experience various bizarre or everyday situations.

Although this series features exclusively large-canvas paint-stick drawings, Shakine is also known for his work in other media, namely paintings, sculpture and prints.

Q: Can art make the world a better place?
Shakine: People can make the world a better place. Not art. Art can show a different way of looking at things, and hope to do the impossible: show a different path, a different journey. In the last few years, we have been reminded of the power of art in a negative way; cartoonists have been attacked and killed, and world treasures have been destroyed and lost forever. Artists and art can be manipulated and be manipulative. Art is a trigger; you just have to hope no one will get hurt.

From the interview conducted by Gregor H. Lersch for the Jewish Museum Berlin.

For more information about Shakine's work, visit his homepage (, and for information about the current exhibition the Jewish Museum Berlin's website.

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