Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens

11 Apr 2016

The Jewish Museum in Budapest reopened on April 9 with a special exhibit to mark its 100th anniversary.

What started as a 1500 item collection in a private appartment one hundred years ago, has grown, throughout the century, to a collection housed in the wing of the Dohany Street Synagogue.

The collection was as diverse as the society behind it: there were objects that symbolized the extensive assimilation of Hungarian Jews or on the contrary, its dissimilation. There are objects that attest to the pride of Jewish families and others saved from destruction.

The 100 object exhibit outlines the history of the museum collection, and can be searched and viewed online.

Each and every object displayed has its own individual and special story, but looking at them and interpreting them as a whole, we can get to know almost every layer of the history and culture of the Jews in Hungary.

For more information, visit the museum's homepage at

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