Opening of Jewish Museum Zagreb

05 Sep 2016

September 4th, the European Day of Jewish Culture was the perfect backdrop for the long-awaited opening of the first Jewish museum in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

The permanent collection, focusing on sacral art, is comprised of over 150 donated artefacts and multimedia installations, with the most valued pieces being the Torah scrolls, and a collection of 16th century books known as the Šik’s library. The organising narrative behind the exhibition is the Jewish lifecycle, with the object playing a pivotal role in introducing the basics of Jewish life and religious tradition.

In addition to the collection which is part of the Dubrovnik synagogue, this will be the second museum of its kind in Croatia. Part of the explanation in what might seem like an oversight lies in context - being one of the republics of former Yugoslavia, the local Jewish culture had previously been represented by the museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

The museum is located in the Jewish Community building, founded in 1806, and according to the report by the local paper Telegram, the community is hoping to develop the collection with donations in the future, to be housed on the sight of the great synagogue destroyed during the Second World War.

For a glimpse inside of the museum, take a look at the Aljazeera reportage:

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