The International Sephardi Music Festival

01 Jun 2016

Córdoba: June 6-11

The International Sephardi Music Festival, established in 2002, is an annual event held in the Botanical Garden of Córdoba, Andalusia.

Formerly known as the Festival of the Spanish Jewish Network, “Sephardic Paths”, the festival offers a meeting point for the public to engage with, and get a deeper understanding of, the different traditions of Sepchardic culture.

Concerts of the musical genre by Spanish and international artists alternate with talks and conferences about this people. During the festival spectators can enjoy drinks, tea, cakes and typical dishes in the Sephardi tavern.

Performers will include: Thamar Ensemble; EVOEH; Curro Piñana; Liliana Benveniste; Klezmorim; and Emilio Villalba, Sara Marina und Clara Campos.

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