Jewish Museum - Animated

Jewish Museum - Animated

17 Aug 2016

During the week-long 'Animated Museum' workshop at the Jewish Museum London, young people discovered secret stories as they explored objects in the museum’s exquisite collection.


The workshop, which took place in July 2016, enabled the teenagers to go behind the scenes to reinterpret the objects with their own voices.

Kosher Stamp

Using the medium of stop-motion animation, the teenagers developed a wide variety of skills including creating storyboards, telling stories and editing films whilst they learned more about the work of the museum.

Prayer Book

The films created by the teenagers are now being used in the museum's award-winning workshops which, last year, welcomed over 16,000 students.


The participants took with themselves more than just animation know-how, as one stated, “I have realised, through the Animated Museum, that museums do not just display objects but research, store and care for them too”.

Spice Tower

If you'd like to see more, we'd recommend checking out the videos that were created during the workshop in 2015. To check out the museum's collection for yourself, visit

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