Jewish Museum - Animated

Jewish Museum - Animated17 Aug 2016

Enjoy five short animations produced as part of the week-long 'Animated Museum' workshop at the Jewish Museum London, where young people discovered secret stories as they explored objects in the museum’s exquisite collection.

A Reunion in Warsaw

A Reunion in Warsaw19 Jul 2016

Polin (the Museum of the History of Polish Jews) was for four days invaded by our interesting – at first sight potentially even strange – company which speaks a dozen languages (often at the same time), comes from all parts of Europe and beyond (yet many of us are also unable to answer the question “Where do you live?” by naming only one country), we belong to different age groups and are also diverse in our professions.

History of Jewish Ljubljana pt. 2

History of Jewish Ljubljana pt. 214 Jul 2016

Second part of out brief history of Jewish Ljubljana written by Mihaela Hudalja casts light onto the place of the synagogue and the multicultural history of Slovenia's capital.

Q&A: JCC Ljubljana

Q&A: JCC Ljubljana13 Jul 2016

The recently established Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubaljana (JCC) was founded by Robert Waltl, the director and owner of neighbouring MINI TEATER, in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Slovenia. In this Q&A Robert offers his views on the community gathered around the cultural centre.

History of Jewish Ljubljana

History of Jewish Ljubljana11 Jul 2016

The first written records of Jewish presence in Ljubljana are found in Valvasor’s Glory of the Duchy of Carniola (1689). According to Valvasor, the Jews settled in Ljubljana several years prior to the year 1213 in which they allegedly rebuilt and refurbished the old synagogue.

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin14 Jun 2016

In the response to anti-Semitic slogans that appeared in Berlin’s pro-Palestinian protests, the Salaam-Schalom initative cooperated with the Sehitlik mosque to set up a human chain at a festival marking the end of Ramadan. When a law was passed in Berlin that banned all religious symbols in civil service, they organised an interfaith rally to promote equal employment opportunities for people who wear religious head coverings under the headline #MyHeadMyChoice.

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona25 May 2016

Victor Sorenssen, Director of the Barcelona Jewish Community, offers answers to some defining questions.

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends16 May 2016

Mozaika is a non-profit organization created with the intention of contributing to a greater knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture and promoting relationships between the Jewish community and the rest of society.

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York09 May 2016

A mixed media exhibition on the history and present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, named after the quarter's total area, presented the diversity of the quarter through 9 defining buildings in the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.

Educator spotlight: Sonja Vilicic

Educator spotlight: Sonja Vilicic18 Apr 2016

How does one go about introducing the entirety of Jewish existence and experience - the past as well as the present, periods of prosperity as much as those of great adversity - to elementary and high-school students who most likely have no personal experience with either Jews or anything Jewish?

Curating Portraits and Memories

Curating Portraits and Memories18 Apr 2016

We have talked to Andrea Palašti, artist and curator, who found herself working with the JC for the first time, and tasked with the responsibility of transforming the 5000+ item digital archive of pre-Holocaust era photographs and recording testimonies of Holocaust survivors into an interactive exhibit that has toured seven cities.

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