Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona

25 May 2016

Q&A offers an update on the pulse of various Jewish Communities across Europe.

Victor Sorenssen, Director of the Barcelona Jewish Community, offers answers to some defining questions.

When was your community established and how many members does it currently have?

It was established in 1917, and has 2000 members.


Does your community identify with one particular stream of Judaism?

Modern Orthodox.


Name 3 things that define your community:

Education, Religion and Culture.


What are the greatest struggles your community is currently facing?

Assimilation, BDS movement and financial problems.


What do you hope never changes about your community?

The participation with (relationship with) Catalan society, and the youth commitment to Judaism.


What do you hope would change?

Shifting focus onto major problems, and instead of on internal and unimportant conflicts between egos.


What is your relationship to the wider community and other religious communities in your area?

We are working on creating a Federation of Catalán Jewish Communities in order to work together on several areas, such as youth, culture and political relationships.


What pieces of literature, music, movies or other art would you suggest that best introduce and describe your community and setting?

Literature: A History of the Jews in Christian Spain, Yitzhak Baer Music: Avishai Cohen


Anything else we should ask?

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