Croatia: historical revisionism

Croatia: historical revisionism01 May 2016

Each year in April, a commemoration is held at the Jasenovac memorial - the site of a concentration camp operated by the Ustasha regime of Nazi-allied WW2-era Independent State of Croatia (NDH). An event normally attended by top state officials and representatives of the Jewish, Serb, and Roma communities in Croatia, the commemoration was plagued by controversy that peaked in an official boycott by representatives of the Jewish and Serb communities.

Dialogue - a feel good activity or our last chance?

Dialogue - a feel good activity or our last chance?20 Apr 2016

We are in the middle of loosing another generations’ global battle, against the ever strong forces, which divide along the lines of nationalities, religious belief and so called "race". If we do not finally start to learn to fight against all forms of racism and discrimination, together, we will never be able to put children into a world that does not hate because of who we pray to, where we are born, or the colour of our skin.

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