Blood and Love

Blood and Love31 Mar 2017

Blood is as much part of Pesach, as it is of life itself. How are we to understand it? How do we relate to it? This reflection by Rabbi Benji Stanley takes a look at the topic from life to Haggadah.

Your Obligation to Imagination

Your Obligation to Imagination24 Mar 2017

From Benji Stanley: In the build up to Pesach, I want to explore each week a different facet of the festival. This week I am exploring the core commandment to see yourself as if you yourself went out of Egypt...

Ten Questions for Purim

Ten Questions for Purim10 Mar 2017

At Purim we read Megillat Esther. For your reading, or for the week ahead, here is a question for you to consider based on each chapter.

The Texture of Loss and Joy

The Texture of Loss and Joy04 Mar 2017

In this personal reflection, Rabbi Benji Stanley tackles loss, joy and life, just as Talmud reads: "Just as when Av begins we decrease happiness so too when Adar begins we increase happiness."

Wild Beasts and Where to Find Them

Wild Beasts and Where to Find Them24 Feb 2017

A short reflection on this week's Torah reading, and the problem of wild beasts from the point of view of our Rabbi-in-Residence, Benji Stanley.

We Are All Jews-by-Choice

We Are All Jews-by-Choice16 Feb 2017

What does it mean to be Jewish? Here's one answer. What is yours?

Sing your song

Sing your song10 Feb 2017

As we read the Song of the Sea, Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz shares a personal reading and reflection on prayer in Jewish religious life.

Exodus and The Story of Our Lives

Exodus and The Story of Our Lives20 Jan 2017

Take Ramban and Seforno - two different perspectives on Exodus, two different perspectives on life. How can the Book of Exodus through these two lenses, help us deal with disappointments and failures?

New Year, Time Travel and Yehuda

New Year, Time Travel and Yehuda30 Dec 2016

Our most common mirror of society - cinema - recently focused on time-travelling heroes putting things back in order. What does this say about us, as we welcome 2017?

Limmud: A Supermarket of Judaism

Limmud: A Supermarket of Judaism23 Dec 2016

Is there an element of the passive, consumerist role in being a Limmud participant? Benji Stanley takes a look at the alternative, this week's Parashah's 'land of Wanderings'.

Addressing Anxiety through Judaism

Addressing Anxiety through Judaism16 Dec 2016

Ever heard of ‘Empowered Judaism’? This week's Shabbat reflection by Rabbi Benji Stanley addresses an everyday phenomenon: anxiety.

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Chanukah

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Chanukah09 Dec 2016

"You want it darker? I’m not sure I do." We tackle winter solstice and Chanukah, darkness and light, and a note from Kafka.

Make Ourselves Great Again

Make Ourselves Great Again02 Dec 2016

There's been a lot of talk of 'greatness' lately. What's the Jewish take? Can there be anything positive about it? Here's how our new Rabbi-in-residence, Benji Stanley sees it.

The Myth of 'Closure'

The Myth of 'Closure'25 Nov 2016

As I come to the end of my three-month stint as Rabbi-in-Residence for JEU, and reflect on the privilege of being able to offer a Jewish rabbinic (and psychotherapeutic) perspective on Judaic themes and current events, I find myself thinking about loss. - Rabbi Howard Cooper

Between Truth and Lies

Between Truth and Lies17 Nov 2016

In light of Brexit, Trump, etc., what can the story of Abraham impart on the position of 'truth' and 'lies' in Jewish thought? Rabbi Howard Cooper offers an interpretation.

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