Antisemitism on Ice

Antisemitism on Ice20 Mar 2017

Where is the line between 'right' and 'wrong' representation of Holocaust in the arts? Prompted by last year's ice-skating performance of Tatiana Navka, Alin Constantin provides a thoughtful analysis »

Exhibition of Philippe Halsman: Jump

Exhibition of Philippe Halsman: Jump22 Feb 2017

First solo exhibition of photographer Philippe Halsman in Russia opens at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow »

5th Budapest Jewish Film Festival

5th Budapest Jewish Film Festival17 Nov 2016

5th Annual Budapest Jewish Film Festival is on: 17 - 20 NOV

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival05 Nov 2016

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival opens in 5 cities, 5 - 20 NOV.

Exhibition: Golem

Exhibition: Golem19 Sep 2016

An exhibition about Golem opens at Jewish Museum Berlin, to run until 29 JAN.

Passion for Sephardic Music

Passion for Sephardic Music13 Sep 2016

We spoke to Stefan Sablić, founder, musician, arranger and composer of Shira U’tfila, a band working to preserve and promote the Sephardic musical heritage of the Balkans, Mediterranean and North Africa. Read on for his thoughts about the place of Sephardic music today, and enjoy the best of Shira U’tfila.

Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival

Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival08 Sep 2016

First edition of Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival set to take place in Barcelona, Sept. 22-23.

ACHAVA Festival

ACHAVA Festival25 Aug 2016

ACHAVA Festival brings Jewish music, culture, and interfaith dialogue to German State of Thuringia.

Jewish Museum - Animated

Jewish Museum - Animated17 Aug 2016

Enjoy five short animations produced as part of the week-long 'Animated Museum' workshop at the Jewish Museum London, where young people discovered secret stories as they explored objects in the museum’s exquisite collection.

Klezfest at Jewish Music Institute

Klezfest at Jewish Music Institute14 Aug 2016

Jewish Music Institute organises another installment of Klezfest - its world famous music school and festival.

Belonging, that allows for difference

Belonging, that allows for difference04 Aug 2016

A week or so before the Brexit referendum, I found myself at the National Museum in Warsaw, looking at Maurycy (sometimes Moses, sometimes Moritz) Gottlieb’s 1879 painting, Christ Preaching at Capernaum. After I returned to the UK (my adopted home), and in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, I found myself continuing to think about Gottlieb’s paintings.

The Merchant of Venice in The Ghetto

The Merchant of Venice in The Ghetto26 Jul 2016

The Merchant of Venice will be performed for the first time in the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, July 26-31.

24th Festival for the Jewish Quarter Boskovice

24th Festival for the Jewish Quarter Boskovice05 Jul 2016

The 24th edition of Boskovice Festival for the Jewish Quarter will be held 7–10 July.

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends16 May 2016

Mozaika is a non-profit organization created with the intention of contributing to a greater knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture and promoting relationships between the Jewish community and the rest of society.

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York09 May 2016

A mixed media exhibition on the history and present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, named after the quarter's total area, presented the diversity of the quarter through 9 defining buildings in the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.

Curating Portraits and Memories

Curating Portraits and Memories18 Apr 2016

We have talked to Andrea Palašti, artist and curator, who found herself working with the JC for the first time, and tasked with the responsibility of transforming the 5000+ item digital archive of pre-Holocaust era photographs and recording testimonies of Holocaust survivors into an interactive exhibit that has toured seven cities.

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens11 Apr 2016

The Jewish Museum in Budapest reopened on April 9 with a special exhibit to mark its 100th anniversary.

Venice Ghetto 500

Venice Ghetto 50029 Mar 2016

Venice Ghetto 500 » March 29th, 2016 marked the 500th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth04 Mar 2016

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth » One of the most famous Jewish and Klezmer Music festivals in Europe will be taking place March 4-13 in Fürth, Germany.

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