(Mis)understanding28 Dec 2016

'We need to talk about more than Holocaust' - is a statement that can be understood in different ways, and a sentiment sometimes held for opposing reasons. Benjamin Fischer shares an experience that made him think of the importance of intra-communal space for conversation.

JEU Voice: Benjamin Fischer

JEU Voice: Benjamin Fischer09 Nov 2016

Who is JEU's first columnist Benjamin Fischer? What does he do? Read? Think about the present and future of European Jewish life? Here is Benny, in brief »

Why I went to Comic Con for my Job

Why I went to Comic Con for my Job19 Oct 2016

Benjamin Fischer, current President of the EUJS and JEU columnist talks about an often overlooked, yet extremely important frontier for diversity and minority activism, for Roma and Jews alike.

Brexit: #Come Together

Brexit: #Come Together20 Jun 2016

The EU has to change, yes. It has to be more inclusive with regard to its decision taking processes, yes. But giving up in unprecedented times of struggle, after a financial crisis, during a refugee crisis and in a world with growing competition and struggles – economically and in geopolitically – seems like a decision that is blurred by too many factors.

JEU aims at providing a platform for a pan-European exchange on Jewish life, thought and culture that extends beyond national and linguistic barriers.

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