5th Budapest Jewish Film Festival

5th Budapest Jewish Film Festival17 Nov 2016

5th Annual Budapest Jewish Film Festival is on: 17 - 20 NOV

Talmud not only for women

Talmud not only for women09 Nov 2016

'Talmud not only for women' a lecture series in Budapest with a subversive title is introducing Talmudic discourse to the wider audiences. It's founder, Borcsa Lemberger-Lakos tells us more about the thoughts, and support, behind it.

Szabadság Square: a Political Playground?

Szabadság Square: a Political Playground?10 Oct 2016

What started as a flashmob response to historical revisionism in Hungary's capital, grew into a permanent addition to a disputed monument. On September 9th, this makeshift memorial was vandalised. Katalin Szlukovényi follows up with the response of the Living Memorial activist group.

Budapest Living Memorial

Budapest Living Memorial09 Aug 2016

As a continuation of the presentation of the work of the Living Memorial group in Budapest, Eszter Garai-Édler and Balázs Horváth provide insight behind more than two years of activism and almost four hundred public forum sessions.

From Memory to Presence

From Memory to Presence08 Aug 2016

There are no conflict-free communities. But it is literally a question of life and death how communities address their common issues and whether they can learn from previous mistakes. Inescapably, this question came into the foreground two years ago, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary, full of commemoration events all over the country.

Jewish Art Days18 May 2016

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York09 May 2016

A mixed media exhibition on the history and present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, named after the quarter's total area, presented the diversity of the quarter through 9 defining buildings in the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.

What is Good About the March of the Living?

What is Good About the March of the Living?02 May 2016

While the international March of the Living is perceived to be too content-heavy, and heavy with harmful content at that, the Budapest march is blamed as being void of meaning. I would like to defend it, with a focus on the latest one that took place on April 17, 2016.

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens11 Apr 2016

The Jewish Museum in Budapest reopened on April 9 with a special exhibit to mark its 100th anniversary.

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