Us and Them

Us and Them23 Aug 2016

Denisa Nešťáková shares her thoughts on coming together and working together dispite differences, in this dispatch from the 2016 Muslim Jewish Conference. "I have never felt more welcomed in any other group of people. My identity and beliefs have never been questioned in a more sensitive and friendly way; my heart has never been filled with more hope and happiness than during a week at the MJC."

A Reunion in Warsaw

A Reunion in Warsaw19 Jul 2016

Polin (the Museum of the History of Polish Jews) was for four days invaded by our interesting – at first sight potentially even strange – company which speaks a dozen languages (often at the same time), comes from all parts of Europe and beyond (yet many of us are also unable to answer the question “Where do you live?” by naming only one country), we belong to different age groups and are also diverse in our professions.

JEU aims at providing a platform for a pan-European exchange on Jewish life, thought and culture that extends beyond national and linguistic barriers.

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