Exhibition: Luther, Bach - and the Jews14 Dec 2016

Exhibition: Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia

Exhibition: Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia14 Dec 2016

Hungarian Lions of Judah - exhibition on Jewish participation in Austro-Hungarian army opens in Galicia Jewish Museum.

Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia12 Dec 2016

Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin

Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin28 Oct 2016

Eran Shakine exhibition opens in Jewish Museum Berlin, running until March 5.

Exhibition: Golem02 Oct 2016

Exhibition: Golem

Exhibition: Golem19 Sep 2016

An exhibition about Golem opens at Jewish Museum Berlin, to run until 29 JAN.

From Memory to Presence

From Memory to Presence08 Aug 2016

There are no conflict-free communities. But it is literally a question of life and death how communities address their common issues and whether they can learn from previous mistakes. Inescapably, this question came into the foreground two years ago, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary, full of commemoration events all over the country.

Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture15 Jul 2016

Venice, the Jews and Europe. 1516–201622 Jun 2016

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York09 May 2016

A mixed media exhibition on the history and present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, named after the quarter's total area, presented the diversity of the quarter through 9 defining buildings in the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.

Curating Portraits and Memories

Curating Portraits and Memories18 Apr 2016

We have talked to Andrea Palašti, artist and curator, who found herself working with the JC for the first time, and tasked with the responsibility of transforming the 5000+ item digital archive of pre-Holocaust era photographs and recording testimonies of Holocaust survivors into an interactive exhibit that has toured seven cities.

Events: Venice Ghetto 50018 Apr 2016

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens11 Apr 2016

The Jewish Museum in Budapest reopened on April 9 with a special exhibit to mark its 100th anniversary.

Exhibition: "Odd."10 Apr 2016

Exhibition: Jewish Life in Bamberg09 Apr 2016

Exhibition: Bühnenbilder08 Apr 2016

Presence/ Absence/ Traces. Contemporary Artists on Jewish Warsaw10 Mar 2016

Exhibition: Frank Stella and Polish Synagogues19 Feb 2016

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