International Klezmer Festival Fürth - Intermezzo10 Mar 2017

JEU Voice: Armin Langer

JEU Voice: Armin Langer25 Jan 2017

A new monthly columnist has joined the JEU team - Armin Langer - a graduate student of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam and founder and coordinator of the Jewish-Muslim activist group Salaam-Shalom. His first book "Ein Jude in Neukölln" (A Jew from the No-go-Zone) was published in 2016.

Jewish Voice and BDS

Jewish Voice and BDS20 Dec 2016

How can a Jewish organisation be at the same time pro- and anti-Israeli? The BDS movement is a divisive topic, but as our new columnist Armin Langer points out, the reality might require a more nuianced approach.

Exhibition: Luther, Bach - and the Jews14 Dec 2016

Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin

Eran Shakine exhibition in Berlin28 Oct 2016

Eran Shakine exhibition opens in Jewish Museum Berlin, running until March 5.

Eran Shakine: A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew28 Oct 2016

Dresden Jewish Week18 Oct 2016

Exhibition: Golem02 Oct 2016

Exhibition: Golem

Exhibition: Golem19 Sep 2016

An exhibition about Golem opens at Jewish Museum Berlin, to run until 29 JAN.

Yiddish Summer Weimar08 Sep 2016

ACHAVA Festival

ACHAVA Festival25 Aug 2016

ACHAVA Festival brings Jewish music, culture, and interfaith dialogue to German State of Thuringia.

ACHAVA Festival12 Aug 2016

Jewish Mathematicians in German-Speaking Academic Culture15 Jul 2016

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin14 Jun 2016

In the response to anti-Semitic slogans that appeared in Berlin’s pro-Palestinian protests, the Salaam-Schalom initative cooperated with the Sehitlik mosque to set up a human chain at a festival marking the end of Ramadan. When a law was passed in Berlin that banned all religious symbols in civil service, they organised an interfaith rally to promote equal employment opportunities for people who wear religious head coverings under the headline #MyHeadMyChoice.

22. Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg

22. Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg03 Jun 2016

22. Jewish Film Festival of Berlin & Brandenburg opens June 4 and will host screenings at 14 different venues.

Exhibition: Jewish Life in Bamberg09 Apr 2016

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth04 Mar 2016

15. International Klezmer Festival Fürth » One of the most famous Jewish and Klezmer Music festivals in Europe will be taking place March 4-13 in Fürth, Germany.

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