Songs at the Bedside

Songs at the Bedside28 Mar 2017

Read our interview with Judith Silver, the founder of 'Companion Voices', a group that brings comfort and connection at the end of life, through music.

Stories for Swedish Jewish Youth

Stories for Swedish Jewish Youth07 Mar 2017

An unusual children’s book just got published in Sweden. Samuel Adler, Jewish Studies and English teacher at the Hillel School in Stockholm, is the author of ‘Trappsteg 36’ (‘Step no. 36’), his first publication, a collection of 19 Jewish children’s short stories.

Sweden: Opening Jewish Learning

Sweden: Opening Jewish Learning08 Feb 2017

A new college is in town - in Stockholm, Sweden, that is. JEU's very own Paideia is opening doors to a new educational initiative, a Jewish 'Cultural College', first of its kind. We spoke to Noa Hermele, rector of Paideia Folkhögskola.

JEU Voice: Armin Langer

JEU Voice: Armin Langer25 Jan 2017

A new monthly columnist has joined the JEU team - Armin Langer - a graduate student of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam and founder and coordinator of the Jewish-Muslim activist group Salaam-Shalom. His first book "Ein Jude in Neukölln" (A Jew from the No-go-Zone) was published in 2016.

Sadeh: Growing A Jewish Farm

Sadeh: Growing A Jewish Farm07 Dec 2016

There are many ways to engage with Judaism. Talia Chain's chosen way is the rich and diverse tradition of Jewish farming. Learn more about her initiative Sadeh in our interview »

JEU Voice: Benji Stanley

JEU Voice: Benji Stanley06 Dec 2016

Every three months we welcome a new Rabbi-in-residence, for a blogger stint that is part personal commentary, part a weekly dollop of Jewish learning. Meet Rabbi Benji Stanley!

Connecting Actions

Connecting Actions27 Nov 2016

From November 23-25 a symposium was convened in Paris, bringing together more than 30 interfaith and intercultural dialogue organisations. What for? To learn from each other, and come up with a joint agenda in order to better respond to struggles all across Europe. Read our interview with Ilja Sichrovsky »

Talmud not only for women

Talmud not only for women09 Nov 2016

'Talmud not only for women' a lecture series in Budapest with a subversive title is introducing Talmudic discourse to the wider audiences. It's founder, Borcsa Lemberger-Lakos tells us more about the thoughts, and support, behind it.

Shalom Alaikum: Spreading Kindness

Shalom Alaikum: Spreading Kindness25 Oct 2016

Kindness, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on about the work of a group of Viennese Jewish women intent on helping their newest neighbours - refugees. JEU spoke to Dr. Verena Krausneker and Miriam Tenner of Shalom Alaikum - Jewish Aid for Refugees, based in Vienna, Austria.

Language of Connection

Language of Connection04 Oct 2016

Many new parents may well grasp for the right words to express their feelings to their newborn... or not, because our ancestors already thought of this. Gillian Alfredsson considers different personal perspectives on the role of blessings and Hebrew language in family life.

Passion for Sephardic Music

Passion for Sephardic Music13 Sep 2016

We spoke to Stefan Sablić, founder, musician, arranger and composer of Shira U’tfila, a band working to preserve and promote the Sephardic musical heritage of the Balkans, Mediterranean and North Africa. Read on for his thoughts about the place of Sephardic music today, and enjoy the best of Shira U’tfila.

Junction: Empowerment & Engagement

Junction: Empowerment & Engagement30 Aug 2016

Meet Lela Sadikario, director of Junction - the organisation behind initiatives such as Gesher, Rescape, Baltic Jewish Network and many more. We talked to Lela about her thoughts on Junction's work, the challenges and opportunities facing young European Jewish professionals and our communities, and what it means to be Jewish.

Budapest Living Memorial

Budapest Living Memorial09 Aug 2016

As a continuation of the presentation of the work of the Living Memorial group in Budapest, Eszter Garai-Édler and Balázs Horváth provide insight behind more than two years of activism and almost four hundred public forum sessions.

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin

Fostering Dialogue in Berlin14 Jun 2016

In the response to anti-Semitic slogans that appeared in Berlin’s pro-Palestinian protests, the Salaam-Schalom initative cooperated with the Sehitlik mosque to set up a human chain at a festival marking the end of Ramadan. When a law was passed in Berlin that banned all religious symbols in civil service, they organised an interfaith rally to promote equal employment opportunities for people who wear religious head coverings under the headline #MyHeadMyChoice.

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York

585,000M2 - Jewish Budapest in New York09 May 2016

A mixed media exhibition on the history and present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, named after the quarter's total area, presented the diversity of the quarter through 9 defining buildings in the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York.

Educator spotlight: Sonja Vilicic

Educator spotlight: Sonja Vilicic18 Apr 2016

How does one go about introducing the entirety of Jewish existence and experience - the past as well as the present, periods of prosperity as much as those of great adversity - to elementary and high-school students who most likely have no personal experience with either Jews or anything Jewish?

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