Q&A: JC Gomel, Belarus

Q&A: JC Gomel, Belarus01 Mar 2017

How much do you know about Jewish life in Gomel, Belarus? Here’s a very brief introduction, from Yisroel Prakapenka »


(Mis)understanding28 Dec 2016

'We need to talk about more than Holocaust' - is a statement that can be understood in different ways, and a sentiment sometimes held for opposing reasons. Benjamin Fischer shares an experience that made him think of the importance of intra-communal space for conversation.

The Wandering Jews of Moishe House

The Wandering Jews of Moishe House26 Sep 2016

Ever heard of Moishe House? A Paris MoHo-resident, Sophie Bigot-Goldblum shares her thoughts on this peer-focused, alternative community initiative for young Jewish adults that's becoming a global phenomenon.

Junction: Empowerment & Engagement

Junction: Empowerment & Engagement30 Aug 2016

Meet Lela Sadikario, director of Junction - the organisation behind initiatives such as Gesher, Rescape, Baltic Jewish Network and many more. We talked to Lela about her thoughts on Junction's work, the challenges and opportunities facing young European Jewish professionals and our communities, and what it means to be Jewish.

Q&A: JCC Ljubljana

Q&A: JCC Ljubljana13 Jul 2016

The recently established Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubaljana (JCC) was founded by Robert Waltl, the director and owner of neighbouring MINI TEATER, in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Slovenia. In this Q&A Robert offers his views on the community gathered around the cultural centre.

In Search of a Jewish Space

In Search of a Jewish Space09 Jun 2016

I don’t know about you, but for the past couple of years, I’ve felt in need of some window-shopping across the European Jewish landscape. The offer appeared plentiful: religious life, educational programmes, student groups, cause-focused non-profits, leadership seminars, Israel/or Israel-related things - you name it. However, I just couldn’t seem to find the right fit.

What is it that we are used to, and what is it that we want of our Jewish spaces today?

Covenant, Community and Caring

Covenant, Community and Caring27 May 2016

Of course as a community, we hope and want to see the very best of ourselves. Yet there is a darker side to community as well. Who is in and who is out? Who participates and who is jettisoned? Who leads and who follows? This is part of the central question of what kind of a community we want to be. 

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona25 May 2016

Victor Sorenssen, Director of the Barcelona Jewish Community, offers answers to some defining questions.

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