Exhibition: Luther, Bach - and the Jews14 Dec 2016

Opening of Jewish Museum Zagreb05 Sep 2016

Zagreb Jewish Community opens the doors of the first Jewish museum in Croatia's capital.

Jewish Museum - Animated

Jewish Museum - Animated17 Aug 2016

Enjoy five short animations produced as part of the week-long 'Animated Museum' workshop at the Jewish Museum London, where young people discovered secret stories as they explored objects in the museum’s exquisite collection.

Two new Jewish Museums open in Italy

Two new Jewish Museums open in Italy18 Jul 2016

Two Jewish Museums open in Italy - in Lecce and in Fondi.

Conference: Representing Jewish History in Culture, Museums and Public Spaces16 May 2016

Italy grants funds for completion of the Jewish museum

Italy grants funds for completion of the Jewish museum09 May 2016

Italy grants €25 million for completion of the Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah, or MEIS.

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens

Jewish Museum in Budapest Reopens11 Apr 2016

The Jewish Museum in Budapest reopened on April 9 with a special exhibit to mark its 100th anniversary.

Exhibition: "Odd."10 Apr 2016

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