Exhibition: Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia

Exhibition: Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia14 Dec 2016

Hungarian Lions of Judah - exhibition on Jewish participation in Austro-Hungarian army opens in Galicia Jewish Museum.

Hungarian Lions of Judah in Galicia12 Dec 2016

26. Jewish Culture Festival02 Aug 2016

Singer's Warsaw Festival02 Aug 2016

A Reunion in Warsaw

A Reunion in Warsaw19 Jul 2016

Polin (the Museum of the History of Polish Jews) was for four days invaded by our interesting – at first sight potentially even strange – company which speaks a dozen languages (often at the same time), comes from all parts of Europe and beyond (yet many of us are also unable to answer the question “Where do you live?” by naming only one country), we belong to different age groups and are also diverse in our professions.

Conference: Jewish Cultural Heritage. Projects, Methods, Inspirations08 Jul 2016

Film Festival: Jewish Motifs17 May 2016

Jewish Motifs International Film Festival

Jewish Motifs International Film Festival17 May 2016

Jewish Motifs International Film Festival taking place May 18-22 in Warsaw.

Conference: Representing Jewish History in Culture, Museums and Public Spaces16 May 2016

International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture01 May 2016

Opening of Hillel in Poland18 Apr 2016

Opening of Hillel in Poland » The Jewish students organisation announced opening of a Warsaw chapter.

Presence/ Absence/ Traces. Contemporary Artists on Jewish Warsaw10 Mar 2016

Exhibition: Frank Stella and Polish Synagogues19 Feb 2016

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