Wild Beasts and Where to Find Them

Wild Beasts and Where to Find Them24 Feb 2017

A short reflection on this week's Torah reading, and the problem of wild beasts from the point of view of our Rabbi-in-Residence, Benji Stanley.

Are Muslims the New Jews?

Are Muslims the New Jews?20 Feb 2017

Are the parallels ever appropriate? JEU columnist Armin Langer shares his thoughts »

Europe and Jews: 2017

Europe and Jews: 201716 Jan 2017

It appears that the lines defining 'the other' are shifting with the rise of populism on the European political stage. Where will that leave the Jewish community in 2017? Armin Langer offers an analysis.

Between Truth and Lies

Between Truth and Lies17 Nov 2016

In light of Brexit, Trump, etc., what can the story of Abraham impart on the position of 'truth' and 'lies' in Jewish thought? Rabbi Howard Cooper offers an interpretation.

Belonging, that allows for difference

Belonging, that allows for difference04 Aug 2016

A week or so before the Brexit referendum, I found myself at the National Museum in Warsaw, looking at Maurycy (sometimes Moses, sometimes Moritz) Gottlieb’s 1879 painting, Christ Preaching at Capernaum. After I returned to the UK (my adopted home), and in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, I found myself continuing to think about Gottlieb’s paintings.

The Greatness of Vulnerability

The Greatness of Vulnerability24 Jun 2016

Our foundational narrative is not of glory but of slavery. Our identity is rooted not in grandeur but in humility. There is greatness in our smallness, power in our vulnerability. This ethos shapes our self-perception and our values as a religion and a culture.

Brexit: #Come Together

Brexit: #Come Together20 Jun 2016

The EU has to change, yes. It has to be more inclusive with regard to its decision taking processes, yes. But giving up in unprecedented times of struggle, after a financial crisis, during a refugee crisis and in a world with growing competition and struggles – economically and in geopolitically – seems like a decision that is blurred by too many factors.

On Austria, and Disagreeing Democratically

On Austria, and Disagreeing Democratically30 May 2016

On May 23 2016, a historic election took place in Austria. Alexander Van der Bellen, the candidate of the green party won the elections for the presidency against Norbert Hofer, the candidate from the far right wing FPÖ by less than 40.000 votes.

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