Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air06 May 2016

There’s always that wonderful feeling to energised freshness that comes with Spring. That delightful feeling of leaving the house without your coat on and feeling the sun on your skin. It’s a time for love, for appreciating the bounty of our good Earth and the beauty of life. Of course, there is great darkness and difficulty in our world and we certainly shouldn’t close our eyes to that, but Pesach can be such a happy time. Judaism honours happy times and beautiful moments through ritual and liturgy; a structure that can prime our awareness when all is right with the world, even if only momentarily.

Charoset: What's in the Mix?

Charoset: What's in the Mix?26 Apr 2016

Why is Charoset on the seder plate and what’s its role in the seder or in the Passover story? Perhaps more fundamentally, what’s actually in the mix?

It turns outs that overwhelmingly, Jews all over the world use the same basic ingredients. Take a minute to note yours and see how many figure on this list:

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