Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival

Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival08 Sep 2016

First edition of Séfer, Jewish Literature Festival set to take place in Barcelona, Sept. 22-23.

Séfer Barcelona - Jewish Literature Festival08 Sep 2016

The International Sephardi Music Festival

The International Sephardi Music Festival01 Jun 2016

The International Sephardi Music Festival will take place June 6 - 11 in Cordoba, Spain.

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona

Q&A: Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona25 May 2016

Victor Sorenssen, Director of the Barcelona Jewish Community, offers answers to some defining questions.

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends

Mozaika - Showcasing new cultural trends16 May 2016

Mozaika is a non-profit organization created with the intention of contributing to a greater knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture and promoting relationships between the Jewish community and the rest of society.

JEU aims at providing a platform for a pan-European exchange on Jewish life, thought and culture that extends beyond national and linguistic barriers.

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