The Texture of Loss and Joy

The Texture of Loss and Joy04 Mar 2017

In this personal reflection, Rabbi Benji Stanley tackles loss, joy and life, just as Talmud reads: "Just as when Av begins we decrease happiness so too when Adar begins we increase happiness."

Talmud not only for women

Talmud not only for women09 Nov 2016

'Talmud not only for women' a lecture series in Budapest with a subversive title is introducing Talmudic discourse to the wider audiences. It's founder, Borcsa Lemberger-Lakos tells us more about the thoughts, and support, behind it.

Our homeland, the text

Our homeland, the text23 Sep 2016

Rabbi Howard Cooper:"The Talmud was a Euro-text centuries before the European Union was dreamed up." In light of the rise of right-wing nationalism across Europe, we are reminded of our centuries-old belonging to a trans-national community, neither dependent on, nor limited by, nationality.

All that is Tisha B’Av

All that is Tisha B’Av12 Aug 2016

In this week’s pre-Shabbat blog, our Rabbi-in-Residence tackles upcoming Tisha B’Av and how not only the Temple, but also Jewish values such as chesed (graciousness) and redeeming the world fit into it. Let the Talmudic tale of Bar Kamtza lead the reflection...

A Dispute for the Sake of Heaven

A Dispute for the Sake of Heaven08 Jul 2016

‘We are not fundamentalists or literalists’, I explained to them, not without passion. ‘We interpret and reinterpret, in every age, for every set of circumstances.’ Arguing over said interpretations is woven into the tapestry of Jewish theology. It is God Himself (or Herself!) who laughingly wishes to be defeated by sound rabbinic argument, as per the Babylonian Talmud (Bava Metzia 59b).

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