Shabbat Nachamu

Shabbat Nachamu21 Aug 2016

The Shabbat after Tisha B'Av is special. Our Rabbi-in-Residence, Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz explains what is the 'ikar' - 'the essence' of the reading from Isaiah.

All that is Tisha B’Av

All that is Tisha B’Av12 Aug 2016

In this week’s pre-Shabbat blog, our Rabbi-in-Residence tackles upcoming Tisha B’Av and how not only the Temple, but also Jewish values such as chesed (graciousness) and redeeming the world fit into it. Let the Talmudic tale of Bar Kamtza lead the reflection...

Eden Once Again

Eden Once Again22 Jul 2016

There’s been no shortage of global bad news lately and I can imagine many of us suffering from information overload. We may feel that we are trapped on a sinister merry-go-round from which we cannot disembark. Fortunately, our Jewish tradition does hand us the keys to unlock a different potential.

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