Sephardi Voices06 Jun 2017

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait01 Mar 2017

Sadeh: Growing A Jewish Farm

Sadeh: Growing A Jewish Farm07 Dec 2016

There are many ways to engage with Judaism. Talia Chain's chosen way is the rich and diverse tradition of Jewish farming. Learn more about her initiative Sadeh in our interview »

Shaping Ceramics: From Lucie Rie to Edmund de Waal10 Nov 2016

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival05 Nov 2016

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival05 Nov 2016

20th UK International Jewish Film Festival opens in 5 cities, 5 - 20 NOV.

Klezfest08 Sep 2016

Cab Conversations

Cab Conversations26 Aug 2016

“So you are religious then? You believe in God?” They feel heartened by this, as if the unexpected, incongruous combination of a young blonde woman as a religious leader inspires them somehow. What I rarely, if ever, get is hostility.

Jewish Museum - Animated

Jewish Museum - Animated17 Aug 2016

Enjoy five short animations produced as part of the week-long 'Animated Museum' workshop at the Jewish Museum London, where young people discovered secret stories as they explored objects in the museum’s exquisite collection.

Klezfest at Jewish Music Institute

Klezfest at Jewish Music Institute14 Aug 2016

Jewish Music Institute organises another installment of Klezfest - its world famous music school and festival.

Belonging, that allows for difference

Belonging, that allows for difference04 Aug 2016

A week or so before the Brexit referendum, I found myself at the National Museum in Warsaw, looking at Maurycy (sometimes Moses, sometimes Moritz) Gottlieb’s 1879 painting, Christ Preaching at Capernaum. After I returned to the UK (my adopted home), and in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, I found myself continuing to think about Gottlieb’s paintings.

Brexit: #Come Together

Brexit: #Come Together20 Jun 2016

The EU has to change, yes. It has to be more inclusive with regard to its decision taking processes, yes. But giving up in unprecedented times of struggle, after a financial crisis, during a refugee crisis and in a world with growing competition and struggles – economically and in geopolitically – seems like a decision that is blurred by too many factors.

Liberate Yourself

Liberate Yourself23 May 2016

As a global Jewish community, we love to speak about, and celebrate, our diversity. One of our big problems, however, is that we’re not always as keen on championing the individuals and groups within our community who are bringing the diversity.

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