On Yom Kippur

On Yom Kippur07 Oct 2016

For the religious, the meaning (and weight) of Yom Kippur are clear. Our Rabbi-in-Residence, Howard Cooper offers a perspective on Yom Kippur that might prove meaningful - and useful - to all.

Way out of the forest

Way out of the forest30 Sep 2016

"A man had been wandering about in a forest for several days..." What can an old parable offer us for consideration over Rosh HaShana and the upcoming holidays?

Difficult Questions

Difficult Questions16 Sep 2016

Rabbi Howard Cooper: Are we ‘in the hands of God’ - as traditional religious language might put it? Or are we ‘the hands of God’ - as contemporary religious existential language might put it? This is the season for a creative wrestling with this question.

Elul: the stories we tell

Elul: the stories we tell02 Sep 2016

The High Holidays are ushered in with the onset of Elul - a month of reflection and preparation. Our Rabbi-in-Residence, Howard Cooper, shares his thoughts on the importance of personal stories and storytelling, and how they relate to personal change.

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